Realize Web3.0

Stake Technologies is a company that makes core decentralized protocols to make Web3.0 happen. What we are trying to do is to deliver the infrastructure that allows people to own one’s data, rights, and destiny.

Who We Are

Stake Technologies makes core decentralized protocols that realize Web3.0.

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Web3.0 as a Service

Security Consulting
Distributed data base consulting


We focus on developing and delivering systems for companies that want to implement products and technologies that solve scalability problems in their business. We propose a combination of the latest technologies and existing stable technologies.

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Our research area is specialized in decentralized scalability, privacy, and interoperability. Furthermore, to support our research and the community, we are actively developing different types of decentralized protocols.

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Tech Consulting

We provide technical consulting services and technical support for enterprises that are implementing Web3.0 technology to their organization.

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