"Plasm Network" is Adopted as a Blockchain Platform for Payment System by Satsudra HD and DataGateway

"Plasm Network" has been adopted as the blockchain platform for the community revitalization project using the payment system, which is conducted by SATUDORA HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. and DataGateway Inc.Through this PoC, they aim to develop the next generation payment system and verify its performance. The purpose of this trial is to integrate Plasm Network into the shared point card "EZOCA" (about 1.9 million members, 68.2% household coverage in Hokkaido (as of May 1, 2020)) used in the Hokkaido area in the future. The team will verify whether the transaction speed and finality match the payment system, whether the system can connect to the personal authentication information and whether it will be able to withstand practical operation while keeping an eye on the operation in the production environment.

The "Dusty Network” which is a test network of "Plasm Network” will be used in the PoC.


DataGateway Inc.